Infant Massage

Infant massage is a wonderful way for parents to connect with their babies, improve their physical and emotional well-being, and create a deeper bond. Using a small amount of baby massage oil or lotion to your baby's skin, starting by gently stroking your baby's body, using long, flowing movements that follow the direction of their muscles. This form of touch therapy is known to relieve discomfort, encourage relaxation, and improve overall health. It can also be beneficial for common infant ailments such as colic, constipation, and respiratory issues(sinus congestion, chest congestion, etc.). Moreover, regular infant massage increases a baby's levels of serotonin and melatonin, those two hormones are responsible for promoting feelings of calm and happiness, leading to improved sleep, better overall mood and appetite, and a greater sense of security and attachment.
If you are new to infant massage, we recommend attending an Introductory Workshop with a certified Paediatric Massage Consultant.
The workshop will last 45 - 60 minutes, during which we will cover the following topics:
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Benefits of infant massage
  • Selecting a safe baby massage oil
  • Ideal times for infant massage
  • Hands on practice for some simple techniques of baby massage
This workshop is available for a group booking or private bookings. Fathers and grandparents are more than welcome to attend. In addition to the course, you will take home the following:
  • An Organic Baby Massage Oil
  • Parent Manual Book
  • A certificate for your family members
Please note that the introduction workshop will not cover full-body massage techniques. If you wish to learn more, I recommend joining my 4-session Infant Massage Course. 4-Session Infant Massage Course. Each session will last 45 - 60minutes, below is a breakdown of what will be covered in each session.

Session 1

  • Education Topic: Baby’s daily schedule and Parents’ self-care
  • Techniques taught: Legs, Bottock and Abdomen massage. Massage for colic, constipation, wind, reflux, etc.

Session 2

  • Education Topic: Baby’s language and body language
  • Techniques taught: Chest, Arms, Face and Head massage. Craniosacral Therapy for baby

Session 3

  • Education Topic: Solid food
  • Techniques taught: Back. Infant First Aid

Session 4

  • Education Topic: Early Childhood Development
  • Techniques Taught: massage for 9 - 12 months old. Exercise Games for Baby
If you would prefer to attend the introductory course only, the parent manual book provided includes all the information covered in the course for self-learning, as well as contact details for our team should you need assistance in the future.
If you wish to attend the 4-Session Course, group booking and Private one-on-one bookings are available. If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at or give us a call on 08-9381-5565.